Toing was created in 2005, and was the first brand in Latin America to offer mobile content designed especially for music.

With coverage in over 12 countries we continue to offer content that includes MP3’s, full-tracks, videos, games, wallpapers and applications.

Blaving is a voice social network where users can record up to a 2 minute post and share it with the world. The hallmark of this network is precisely the element of the user's voice messages.

Users can follow other users, be followed and share their posts on other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and through email. They are also able to embed their Blaving posts into a website or blog.

Blaving is designed so that postings can be made either from a computer or from a mobile phone (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Java).

My Toing is the portal that allows bands to upload their songs, videos, photos, biography, show calendar, news and provides them with their own website and fan club.

We go above and beyond by allowing artists to sell their songs directly to the public and we present an innovative approach to the market with direct marketing to mobile phones.

My Toing allows artists a self-management approach. By providing them with latest tools in technology and offering personalized marketing where by bands the artists are able to promote themselves. The thousands of daily users who access the web and Toing WAP mobile portal to download Ring Tones, MP3’s and Videos reinforce this. My Toing provides users with a new way to learn and hear about music talent.

AdMovil provides mobile advertising solutions, optimizing the success of a campaign and providing the newest advertising with the best results.

Due to the increasing number of mobile phones users this medium is a strategic and innovative way of communication.

Let us get to the target you want, take initiative of your ads, provide easy access, management, online reporting and detailed analysis.

AdMovil provides the following services:

  • Creation and design of various forms of mobile advertising.
  • Design, hosting and management of appropriate microsites and / or WAP portals.
  • Hosting and management of ad-server.
  • Campaigns.
  • Tracking of results and statistics.
  • Pmovil APP´s es un Sistema que permite la creación de aplicaciones mobile en 3 pasos simples y rápidos.

    El generador de aplicaciones es una herramienta que transforma un web site entero o una fuente RSS en una Aplicación para celulares, haciéndolo portable a los diferentes dispositivos del mercado: iPhone, iPod Ttouch, Ipad, celulares y tabletas Android, BlackBerry  y teléfonos JAVA.

    Es un sistema de autogestión que brinda diferentes modelos de layouts y un editor de imágenes para lograr la aplicación deseada.