Since inception all PMovil technology is developed in our offices in San Paulo (Brazil) where we have over 40 engineers, programmers, developers and designers.

During the early years, PMovil pioneered in Latin America to provide a comprehensive solution platform and content for different mobile operators in Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

The first MMS portal for the region was developed and managed by PMovil for Oi in Brazil.

PMovil staff develops all of our platforms including selling content management, WAP portals, voting, chat, trivia, SMS alerts, among others.

We have a Research and Development laboratory in the province of San Luis (Argentina) where together with the Universidad de la Punta, have developed new portable products for all mobile platforms (JAVA, BADA, Android and BlackBerry). Continuous training of our professionals in different programming languages allows us to remain at the forefront of systems development.

Personal (Argentina):
PMovil acted as a consultant in software development micropayments for vending machines and developed the first SMS Portal in Argentina.
Oi (Brasil):
PMovil held technology consulting and engineering for the implementation of value-added services, developed a system of allocation of payment for Oi service providers; developed API VAS interconnection network with intelligent applications for online credit check; application development and management of SMS Chat / S@tml / WAP White Label.
PMovil API developed for the interconnection of Nokia MMS-C interface and network billing Oi in Brazil.
Movil developed the first MMS Portal in Latin America in 2002.
PMovil developed for the company's administrative interface products.
Vivo (Brasil):
PMovil acted as a consultant for the development of interfaces with end users. First Website MMS on CDMA network in Latin America (BREW allows customers to receive MMS).